H0m model of the RhB freight car of type Gak-v 5401-5420

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Inspired by a discussion in the "SchmalspurSchweiz" Yahoo news group in 2001 some enthusiasts have met to check the possibility to produce their own model of their favourite Swiss railway car.

After some careful consideration we have selected the popular freight car class Gak-v of the Rhaetian Railway as a prototype, as this vehicle is not available from the well-known manufacturers of HOm models. To reduce costs we have decided to produce only a limited number of kits.

We have found a skilled (but small) model railway manufacturer who was able to realise this project for us on an exclusive basis. Only recently we had the chance to take a glimpse at the first prototype manufactured by the company Schlosser in Dietlas (Germany):

Prototyp Prototyp Prototyp Prototyp Prototyp Prototyp

Bogies, couplers and accessory parts are not mounted yet. It is planned that these parts are supplied by BEMO. Also there will be some small changes to the construction (e.g. the mounting of the roof). Under the floor of the freight car there are no special details (e.g. brake rigging and vacuum reservoirs) modelled. If you think your model needs these details feel free to add them on your own.

We think the model looks quite good. On the other hand there are always some people who will find a hair in the soup. These people should see the model as a perfect base for own improvements.

The mounting of the kit is not too difficult but some fundamental knowledge in bending and soldering brass is required. The assembly will be made by fitting together the parts and fixing them by soldering and gluing respectively.

The manufacturer of the kids has decided not to promote his activities on the H0m market in the future. He will not sell the kit on his own. Now we are trying to find a sufficient number of people who want to order one or more kits. A minimum quantity of kits has to be ordered to achieve a reasonable price.

Therefore we are offering:
Kit for a RhB freight car class Gak-v 5401-5420

  • etched brass plate with all parts required
  • bogies, couplers, accessory parts and wheels (all from BEMO)
  • decals with different stock numbers
  • building instructions

  • Unfortunately we are can't quote the final price when the kits are ready to be shipped yet, but we estimate it will be approximately 75 EUR + shipping per kit. If a reasonable high number of orders are placed it is well possible that we can offer the kits at a lower price.

    Interested people may order the kit using the following form or by sending an email.

    Thanks to all who have ordered a kit and thus support our project.

    The demand for our kit was so overwhelming, that we are not sure we can get all the parts in the quantities needed.
    We will contact you again when we know further details or when we can give you the definitive price for the kit.

    It is foreseen that the production of the ordered kits will start in January 2003. The shipping is scheduled for February or March 2003. Please note that only the number of kits ordered will be manufactured.

    Last date for ordering will be December 22, 2002.

    Please respect that we are only a small group of railway enthusiasts and no professional model railway manufacturers. Therefore only prepaid kits can be shipped.

    To reduce the costs for shipping, taxes and money transfer we are trying to find people in different countries who are willing to manage the orders.

    Herbert Aurenz - Egidius Doll - Stefan Dringenberg - Manfred Luckmann - Günter Zirch

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